10th Ann Variant

10th Anniversary Variant Rules from C3I #23 Clarifications
Note that these clarifications pertain to the C3I #23 variant and are not for use as part of any tournament game unless specifically agreed to by both players and the GM.

Naval War Complex Variant (3/2013)

I. Movement

A. The timing of additional naval variant effects (e.g., flotilla moves, Bermuda logistics value changes) are at the discretion of the phasing player. The USA Riverine flotilla may end movement on a CSA riverine port where the Union lacks river control.

A.1. If an ironclad, the CSA Riverine Flotilla, or a torpedo is in the same space as a CSA fort, the Union must successfully “Run the Guns” before initiating a naval battle or attempting a “torpedo sweep”. The “Running the Guns” modifiers due to the Foote, Porter, or Farragut events also apply to the flotilla and fleet moves enabled by the events.

A.4. One “Running the Guns” and an unlimited number of “torpedo sweeps” may be conducted during one flotilla move, but the die roll must be implemented each time.

C. The CSA may not conduct Riverine movement to, from, or through a space that contains the USA Riverine Flotilla.

G. When the fleet wins a naval battle or does not engage in one it may end movement in any port that does not contain a CSA-controlled coastal fort, regular fort, ironclad, torpedoes, or the Hunley. When the fleet loses a naval battle it returns to the location of any blockade logistics base, whether any have been placed yet or not.

Railroad Logistics Variant (3/2013)

8.44. A river connection is sufficient for adjacency to satisfy a Railroad LoC as long as Union river control is not denied between the two spaces.

A space that is adjacent to a RR LoC but wherein the Union LoC is denied from that space to the RR LoC is subject to the movement penalty.

Example: Union force enters Nashville, which contains a Reb fort and sps from Franklin TN. only adjacent RR LoC is Bowling Green…but Union cannot trace LoC from Nashville to BG due to fort existing at time of entry. The Union would have to pay the extra MP to enter Nashville.

In III.B, the word “subtracts” should read “adds” …(because these conditions help CSA blockade running activity).


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