Tournament Format and Schedule Set

Here’s the current tournament format. It will be a  6 round Swiss-Elim format. The first round will be a Swiss round where each player will play 2 games, one as each side, with the top winners progressing to the single elimination rounds.

Preliminary Round 1 (4 months) Jul 13 to Oct 13

Players will play 2 games during this round, 1 as the CSA and 1 as the Union.

Matchups will be randomly assigned during this preliminary round.

Top 32 players advance based on # of wins. Win both games to guarantee advancing.

Tie breakers will be applied in order of the following:

1) Sum of AREA ratings of opponents  played

2) Sum of AREA ratings of opponents defeated

3) Random dice roll

Top 32 players will then be seeded from 1 to 32 by AREA ratings as  of June 15, 2013 with unrated players assigned a value of 5000. Seed 1 plays Seed 32, etc. Exceptions will be made if players met in the preliminary rounds already.  Once Single Elimination starts, players in brackets who complete their game earlier can proceed to their next opponent if that opponent has already completed their game.

Match- ups will be realigned if players drop out during the preliminary round so that every continuing player has to play at least two games during the preliminary rounds.

Single Elimination Round 1 (3 months) between 32 players Nov 13 to Jan 14

Once single elimination, drop outs will not be replaced and their opponents will be given byes.

Single Elimination Round 2 (3 months) between 16 players Feb 14 to Apr 14

Semi-Finals (3 months) between 8 players May 14 to Jul 14

Quarter Finals ( 3 months) Aug 14 to Oct 14

Finals ( 3 months) Nov 14 to Jan 15


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