2013-14 Tournament Matchups for Preliminary Swiss Round Set

Welcome to the Preliminary Round of the 2013-14 For the People PBEM tournament. This round will end by October 31, 2013 and consists of two matches. Each player during this round must play at least two games: 1 as the CSA and 1 as the Union, if possible.

The matchups for the preliminary round are set and listed below.

Players receive 10 victory points for a win, the AREA rating of their opponents played using AREA records as of June 15, 2013, and the area rating of their opponents defeated. These are three separate category of points.

Top 32 victory point totals after the preliminary round advance to the first round of single elimination.

Ties are broken first by victory points, then by AREA points of opponents played, then by AREA points of opponents defeated.

I will continue to take signups for this tournament if I am assured that players can complete their match by the Oct 31, 2013.

If a player cannot start a game, they will be dropped and their opponent will be matched up a player who has also lost an opponent.

If no unmatched opponents are available, any player in the tournament can play as an eliminator. To volunteer as an eliminator, post a message to this page. Eliminators will be assigned as they are needed and no eliminator can play a second game as an eliminator until all eliminators have had the opportunity to play one game as an eliminator.

Preliminary Swiss Round Matchups



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