FTP Swiss Games Setup Complete

By now all Swiss games have been set up and should be underway. A reminder that both Swiss games need to be completed by October 31, 2013.  Thanks again for participating and good luck in making it into the top 32!


One Comment to “FTP Swiss Games Setup Complete”

  1. • ACTS Game Name:1-27
    • USA Player Name: Michael Mitchell
    • CSA Player Name: Eric Wilson
    • Winning Player: Michael Mitchell
    • Winning Side: USA
    • Type of Victory*: Concession Hopeless situation
    • Turn Game Ended: turn 6 Fall 1862
    • USA Strategic Will: 117+
    • CSA Strategic Will: 70-
    • Blockade Level: 3
    • Amphibious Assault Modifier: 0
    • USA SPs Remaining: 43
    • CSA SPs Remaining: 26

    Union won 3 battles in a row with 1-6, 1-5, 1-6 rolls to keep CSA in check and a ARMY in Lynchburg.

    CSA was pushed back to Richmond and Appomattox and all Border states were Union controlled. CSA only had 8 SP in east at end of turn vs 32 Union.

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