Round 4 begins March 31, 2015

Most games have been set up. Remainder will be available shortly as I finish the adjudications for round 3.

The planned end of Round 4 is June 30, 2015


One Comment to “Round 4 begins March 31, 2015”

  1. ACTS Game Name:4-11 FTP 2014-15
    . USA Player Name: Lucas Rhodes
    . CSA Player Name: Michael Mitchell
    . Winning Player: Michel Mitchell
    . Winning Side: CSA
    . Type of Victory*: AV – SW
    . Turn Game Ended:Spring 64
    . USA Strategic Will:33-
    . CSA Strategic Will:71+
    . Blockade Level:2
    . Amphibious Assault Modifier:0
    . USA SPs Remaining:36
    . CSA SPs Remaining:44
    * Characterize the Type of Victory as one of the following:
    . Strategic Will CSA doubled Union SW
    Hard fought game with early Union pressure but defense allowed CSA to Cut LOC to WDC
    Union enjoyed ample Campaigns including 2 major to no Major for CSA. ANV failed to make the 67% intercept of Grant’s Army allowing the sacking of Richmond isolation and elimination of ANV and a huge SW swing USA +13, CSA -36, but narrowly missed converting VA because of CSA Control of an open Norfolk.
    Jackson was killed in the first battle he was in despite being one 6 or 7 Generals .
    Lee took KY forcing Grant westward allowing a newly formed ANV with Longstreet CIC to hang onto VA by holding the key position of Hanover in the face of several assaults. This gave the CSA the position to do a last move raid into PA for the win after we exchanged discarders .

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