For the People is a strategic simulation of the American Civil War published by GMT games. It is a card driven game (CDG) featuring a deck of cards and a point-to-point map. More information on the game can be found here.

To Sign up, post a comment below. Note that first time comments will be moderated so your comment may not appear immediately.

Updated, November 1 2013, The Single Elimination portion of the tournament has begun. Matchups can be viewed here:


Players of all experience levels welcome!
Tournament Qualifications

  • Must be a member of the BPA with Associate Membership or higher level for 2013 to join this tournament. For more information on the Boardgame Player’s Association ( BPA), go to http://www.boardgamers.org.
  • Must have an email account.
  • Must have internet access.

Start Dates and Format:

  • This tournament starts on July 1, 2013 and is expected to end by January 31, 2015.
  • The Campaign game will be the scenario used for all games in this tournament.  All optional rules ARE IN EFFECT for this tournament.  This includes the 20 extra cards from the 2006 edition, Optional Cavalry Replacement (rule 5.55), Special General Capabilities for McClellan, Van Dorn, Forrest and Sheridan (rule 5.67) and the Operations Queue (rule 19).
  • All games must be played using ACTS or any mutually agreed upon method.
  • The GM will be the game owner & moderator for each game on ACTS.
  • If the players cannot agree on the format to be used, ACTS is the default and must be used.
  • Any player demonstrating a lack of sportsmanship may be dropped from the tournament without warning at the sole  discretion of the GM.
  • For AREA rating purposes, let the GM know if the two of you have played For the People previous to this game.

Preliminary Round 1 (4 months) Jul 13 to Oct 13

Players will play 2 games during this round, 1 as the CSA and 1 as the Union.

Matchups and side assigments will be randomly assigned during this preliminary round.

Top 32 players advance based on # of wins. Win both games to guarantee advancing.

Tie breakers will be applied in order of the following:

1) Sum of AREA ratings of opponents played

2) Sum of AREA ratings of opponents defeated

3) Random dice roll

Match- ups will be realigned if players drop out during the preliminary round so that every continuing player has to play at least two games during the preliminary rounds.

Single Elimination Round 1 (3 months) between 32 players  Nov 13 to Jan 14

The 32 advancing players will use AREA ratings for seedings and not the preliminary round results. The Top 4 seeds will head their own brackets with Seed 1 playing Seed 32, etc. Exceptions will be made if players met in the preliminary rounds.  Once Single Elimination starts, players in brackets who complete their game earlier can proceed to their next opponent if that opponent has also already completed their game.

All seeded competitors will be confirmed for the first round. Any immediate  drop outs will be replaced to form a pool of 32. An alternate pool of 4 will be formed and they will play concurrently to fill any drop outs from the Single Elimination.

Single Elimination Round 2 (3 months) between 16 players Feb 14 to Apr 14

Semi-Finals (3 months) between 8 players May 14 to Jul 14

Quarter Finals ( 3 months) Aug 14 to Oct 14

Finals ( 3 months) Nov 14 to Jan 15

Time limits: 

  • Each tournament game will have a specified time limit. Time limits will be strictly enforced. During the preliminary round, the 4 month time limit will apply to both games. Players are responsible for completing all games by the time limit imposed.
  • Any games unresolved when the time limit is reached will be adjudicated by the GM. The GM will  award the victory to the player least responsible for the game being incomplete.  The situation on the game board will not be considered in adjudication.  Unfortunate personal events, regardless of their tragic nature, will not be considered in adjudication.
  • If a player is inactive without notifying the GM or  opponent for more than 14 calendar days, the game will be awarded to his opponent.

Error Handling

  • Player A makes an illegal move(s), attack(s), etc.
  • Player B can accept the move as is without changes, or declining this, …
  • Player A must redo the entire move. Once additional cards have been played by the other player, the error stands, so pay attention.
  • If  you roll too many dice , ignore extra  rolls.
  • If you roll too few dice, the ones you roll count, roll for the missing ones.
  • if you roll for possible responce for your opponent and later there is another  possible responce and you opponent hasn’t taken any action to accept the first roll then he can choose to make another roll. This can be avoided if you list all possible  interceptions , then make the roll. He would be free to choose any of the possible intercepts if successful.  It isn’t fair to assume you opponent would make the first interception and after rolling for him and  finding that it didn’t succeed, make the balance of you move secure in this knowledge.
  • Short of an actual agreement if multiple dice are rolled but it isn’t stipulated which dice apply to which player, you should reroll with the proper stipulation all dice that are lacking  proper stipulation. In cases like a amphibiuous assault where there is a +2 defensive DRM and therefor a defensive die roll is not required, stating that you are doing an Amphibious assault and rolling one dice should be obvious that it is for the assault.
  • If a player makes takes an action that could be interrupted, his opponent  is free to play an interrupting card  if at his first opportunity he does so, even in cases where the phasing player has made a roll.  Examples : (1)You make an Amphibious assault and you roll the dice for the assault. Your opponent is still free to play “Severe Storms At Sea” that cancels your move. (2) If your opponent makes a move, you respond and then he continues his move you could not then after seeing  more of his move, play an interrupt card to cancel his move.

Rule disputes

  • Rules disputes will be arbitrated by the GM, or in the case of games involving the GM, by the assistant GM. All rule arbitration decisions of the GM will be final.
  • The GMs and Assistant GMs will be participating in this tournament.
  • The GM is Tim Tow and the Assistant GMs are Michael Mitchell and Doug Pratto.
  • E-mail questions to the GM or to the Assistant GM if the game involves the GM.
  • Definitive answers will only come from the GM  (or Assistant GM if the game involves the GM).
  • Questions posted on CSW will not be answered in a timely fashion.


  • The primary purpose of the tournament is to provide BPA members with a competitive recreation.  Stated more explicitly, to have fun in a structured, competitive format. The maximum enjoyment by BPA members can only be guaranteed when all players agree to exercise exemplary sportsmanship and to play with consideration for their fellow players’ time and interests.  Part of the fun is to compete in a head to head fashion, within an established structure and format.  BPA members who do not believe that they will have fun in such a competitive environment are encouraged to find an alternate wargaming format.
  • The Boardgame Players’ Association is noted for its high standards of camaraderie and sportsmanship.  Those standards shall be upheld and supported during this tournament.  Poor sportsmanship shall not be tolerated; any player exhibiting such may be dismissed from the tournament by the game master without necessity of warning. Such a dismissal may also result in being banned from future FTP tournaments or from the BPA.  Such draconian measures have never been required, nor is their use expected.  However the policy and remedies are now a matter of record.
  • The game master and his assistants are happy to provide support to the players whenever any question may arise during the course of play that might possibly lead to hard feelings.   The earlier we are involved, the easier it is to repair a deteriorating situation, correct misimpressions or repair mishandled moves and similar mistakes in play.  It is natural not to want to complain or be perceived as “tattling”, but we encourage players to put aside that reluctance and bring any issue to the game master as soon as it is clear that a mutually satisfactory solution cannot be immediately reached.  This is far more preferable to wasting time and possibly risking an existent or emerging friendship.
  • One element of sportsmanship is respect for the time of all players in the tournament, not just one’s immediate opponent.  The game master will adjudicate unfinished games on the basis of time spent making moves and patterns of time used as described later.  However, no one wants to win (nor lose) on the basis of adjudication, and certainly not on the basis of time vice the merits of the board position.  Therefore, we strongly encourage all players to commit to and maintain a steady pace of play.  The tournament will run almost 2 years for those reaching the final brackets.  That is a long time to expect to play a card per day on average.  In practice, the vast majority of games will end long before the 120th day, but one should be mentally prepared to commit to the long haul, or to withdrawing from the tournament should personal commitments take priority over this hobby commitment.  It may seem cruel for the game master to not grant time extensions for the more tragic of life’s events such as deaths, illness, fires and natural disasters. Actuarially speaking, with the number of players enrolled in the tournament, we can be certain that such lamentable events will occur to at least a few of our number.  However, it is also not fair to ask all players to indefinitely extend the tournament to accommodate a stricken player.  This is after all, just a game.  I recommend that a player so afflicted keep their priorities straight and withdraw from the tournament, to try again in the next. However, we also recognize that the recreation provided by our hobby can be a mental health boon to a player who is otherwise in distress.  If that player can remain on, or regain, pace and compete within the time frame, we will be thrilled to provide them respite from their troubles.   Bottom line:  The game master will adjudicate any unfinished games strictly on the basis of time used and patterns of time use; unannounced absences from play of more than 14 days are also grounds for immediate disqualification; no other factors will be considered.

Reporting Results

  • The winning player reports the victory by posting to the tournament site the following. In  addition to reporting the fact of the victory, the following statistical  information is required. Please use the following format.
  • ACTS Game Name:
  • USA Player Name:
  • CSA Player Name:
  • Winning Player:
  • Winning Side:
  • Type of Victory*:
  • Turn Game Ended:
  • USA Strategic Will:
  • CSA Strategic Will:
  • Blockade Level:
  • Amphibious Assault Modifier:
  • USA SPs Remaining:
  • CSA SPs Remaining:

* Characterize the Type of Victory as one of the following:

  • Strategic Will  (including a GT-12 loss by the Union)
  • End of Game  Victory
  • Concession   (Personal Reasons)
  • Concession   (Hopeless Game Situation)

Additionally, please append to your report any interesting information such as unusual card sequences, loss of key leaders, particularly interesting plays, etc.

Other stuff:

  • 2006 For the People Rules can be found here.
  • PDF file of the card text that includes the cards added in 2006 can be found here.
  • AREA ratings page for For the People can be found here.

91 Comments to “2013-14”

  1. Hi Tim, sign me up!

    I have an account on ACTs which is where I prefer to play

  2. I sign up for the new tournament. Thank you. Jean-Louis Dirion, dirion@enstimac.fr

  3. Hi Tim,

    Sign me up too.


    M. Tolga Çorapçı

  4. Yes, sign me up
    Michael Ussery mekongtex@aol.com, mussery@niaid.nih.gov

  5. Sign me up

  6. Tim,
    Hello and thanks for volunteering to GM a new BPA Tournament.
    Please count me in: I am not a BPA member for 2013, but I will sort this out over the next few days…
    Thanks, and regards,

  7. sign Me up

    Michael Mitchell

  8. Tim,
    Sign me up for the tournament.

  9. The last one was to much fun! sign me up!

  10. I’ll toss my hat into the ring…someone has to fill the role of road-kill by the wayside

    — Andrew

  11. Sign me up, thanks Tim.

  12. Count me in

  13. I’m in. Thanks

  14. Hi Tim
    Sign me up
    I have an ACTS account

  15. I’m all in too.

  16. Sign me up too.

  17. Im in -thanks

  18. Hi Tim,
    Sign me up, thanks.

  19. Please sign me up.

  20. Hi Tim
    I remain very bad at this game but I do love it…..Please sign me up

  21. Sign me up. I am an active member of BPA and have a copy of the 2006 edition of For The People.

  22. I’m in! Cheers.

  23. I’m in, thanks.

  24. I’m in. I’d probably prefer to play on Wargameroom when possible. I’m a newbie though, so go easy on me. ;D

  25. sing me up

  26. I’ll rally to the colors! Thanks for running this, Tim.

  27. All in soldier!
    ACTS is my preference.

  28. Please sign me up

  29. I am in as well

  30. I’m in. Thanks for running this!
    I just joined BPA so I can play in this. 🙂

  31. Sign me up also! Thanks.

  32. Tim,

    While James Pei thrashed me, I’m still game for another go this year. Please include me in the tournament.

    Jeff Donald

  33. Add me to the list – thanks!

  34. Please sign me up for the tournament. Just joined BPA today. Have played in BPA tourneys in the past (Wilderness War was one) but it’s been a few years. Glad to be back!

  35. It’s been a long time since I played, but I would like to give it a shot.

  36. This means war!!!!
    Sign me up!

  37. I enlist. I have some Vassal experience, but none with ACTS.

  38. Please sign me up for the additional trips to woodshed!

  39. Tim, thanks for looking me up and passing on the info about the upcoming FTP call to arms…the Colonel is back and I am all in!

  40. sing me up please

    Falk Breuer

  41. Hi Tim, please sign me up – I have an ACTS account


  42. Hi Tim. Thanks for setting this up and GMing. Please sign me up!


  43. Tim,

    Thanks for running this. Please sign me up


  44. Write me in, please.


  45. Hey Tim,
    Sign me up

  46. Pettus is in? So am I.

  47. I’m in…looking forward to it!

  48. Please sign me up. Sent my check in to BPA last week to meet that requirement.

  49. Please sign me up!

  50. I’m in, Tim. Let’s have some fun!

  51. Long time owner, 2nd time player willing to toss his hat into the ring. Just joined BPA at Tribune level as well..

  52. I’m in, but will be at the 150th Re-enactment Celebration at Gettysburg from July 1-7, so can start any time after July 8.

  53. Count me in.

  54. Please sign me up.

  55. I’m in !!

  56. I just joined the BPA yesterday, so I’d like to play too…

  57. Thanks for running this – please sign me up!

  58. Please sign me up

  59. Please sign me up.

  60. Please Sign me up!

  61. I am willing to try I use ACTS signing me up please

  62. Hi Tim…I’m in. Match me up with someone good!

  63. Please sign me up. I have played For the People only a few times and have used ACT for one game. My opponent should have patience.

  64. I’m in. ACTS is probably the way to go for this.

  65. OK, Tim, you twisted my arm. I’m in too!

  66. Count me in as cannon fodder!

  67. Lot’s of names here I recognize from other tournaments. Count me in.

  68. Sign me up as well. will join BPA within day or two

  69. I realize I’m late, but I see others also missed the tentative deadline, so hoping I get in. Thanx.

  70. I’d like to play! Please sign me up as well, if it’s not too late. Huzzah! (Just finished filling out the BPA membership application form and sent in the fee.)

  71. I would like to join.

  72. I would like to join

  73. I’m new, but aggressive. I intend to take DC as the Rebels

  74. I have been playing these games for 4 decades. I am due for a win. I prefer playing the Union. My ACTS ID is TWINE.

  75. As a family we are attending the WBC this year for the first time. I usually play Advanced Civilization or Age of Renaissance, but since my whole family is into this, I will give it a try!

  76. BATTLE !!!

    My ACTS ID: is Richard Prast (RHP)

  77. Hello!

    I realize to be terribly late, but I see it’s still possible to apply for 2013-2014 FTP Tourny. I just subscribed as a BPA member at “associate” level and sent the quota via PayPal… I see that hardly I’ll be accepted but it’s still worth a try!

    So let me know.

    Bye, Alex

  78. • The winning player reports the victory by posting to the tournament site the following. In addition to reporting the fact of the victory, the following statistical information is required. Please use the following format.
    • ACTS Game Name: FTPTournament 1-44
    • USA Player Name: Roberto Sanchez
    • CSA Player Name: Henry Russell
    • Winning Player: Henry Russell
    • Winning Side: CSA
    • Type of Victory*: USA conceded
    • Turn Game Ended: end of turn 2
    • USA Strategic Will: 107+
    • CSA Strategic Will: 89-
    • Blockade Level: 3
    • Amphibious Assault Modifier: zero
    • USA SPs Remaining: 26
    • CSA SPs Remaining: 23
    * Characterize the Type of Victory as one of the following:
    • Strategic Will (including a GT-12 loss by the Union)
    • End of Game Victory
    • Concession (Personal Reasons)
    • Concession (Hopeless Game Situation
    Roberto conceded

  79. •ACTS Game Name: 1-63
    •USA Player Name: Rick Byrens
    •CSA Player Name: Michael Mitchell
    •Winning Player: Michael Mitchell
    •Winning Side: USA
    •Type of Victory*: Concession game situation and time
    •Turn Game Ended: Summer 63
    •USA Strategic Will: 72-
    •CSA Strategic Will: 84-
    •Blockade Level: 1
    •Amphibious Assault Modifier: 0
    •USA SPs Remaining: 38
    •CSA SPs Remaining:35

  80. •ACTS Game Name: 1-38
    •USA Player Name: Richard Smith
    •CSA Player Name: George Young
    •Winning Player: George Young
    •Winning Side: CSA
    •Type of Victory*: AV
    •Turn Game Ended: Fall 62
    •USA Strategic Will: 51-
    •CSA Strategic Will: 107+
    •Blockade Level: 4
    •Amphibious Assault Modifier: 2
    •USA SPs Remaining: 28
    •CSA SPs Remaining:42

  81. In My game 1-63 as the CSA side I managed to Kill grant on his turn of arrival after killing his cav unit and then after winning another battle against Grant , now without any supporting Generals, I roll a 10 for the Rebs combat and a 1 for USA General loses! This was large in my opponents decision to concede.

  82. •ACTS Game Name: 1-59
    •USA Player Name: Tom Thornsen
    •CSA Player Name: Grant LaDue
    •Winning Player: Tom Thornsen
    •Winning Side: USA
    •Type of Victory*: CSA Concession on time
    •Turn Game Ended: 3 – Fall 1861
    •USA Strategic Will: 106-
    •CSA Strategic Will: 98+
    •Blockade Level: 0
    •Amphibious Assault Modifier: 0
    •USA SPs Remaining: 28
    •CSA SPs Remaining: 24
    •We have played a previous AREA of For the People between the two of us: No

    * Characterize the Type of Victory as one of the following:
    •Concession (Personal Reasons)

    USA had pretty good cards. Kentucky is under USA control, and Missouri will fall to USA control at the end of turn 3 unless the CSA final card play does something about it. Pope has landed at New Bern to close the NA blockade runner zone, so the CSA has pressing issues as 1861 comes to a close. CSA player is pressed for time and unable to maintain the pace required to finish on time.

  83. Game 1-63 that should be noted as a CSA win, not USA.

  84. For the People Tournament
    results for 1-08

    . ACTS Game Name: 1-08
    . USA Player Name: Henry Russell
    . CSA Player Name: Dave Creager
    . Winning Player: Henry Russell
    . Winning Side : USA
    . Type of Victory: CSA Concession
    . Turn Game Ended: 11 Summer 1864
    . USA Strategic Will: 86+
    . CSA Strategic Will: 60-
    . Blockade Level 0
    . Amphibious Assault Modifier: 4
    . USA SP’s remaining: 76
    . CSA SP’s Remaining: 54
    . We have played a previous AREA of For the People between the two of us: No

    * Characterize the Type of Victory as one of the following:
    . Concession

  85. ACTS Game Name:2-05 FTP 2013-2014
    • USA Player Name: Michael Mitchell
    • CSA Player Name: Henry Russell
    • Winning Player: Michael Mitchell
    • Winning Side: USA
    • Type of Victory*:Concession Hopeless situation
    • Turn Game Ended: Fall 1862
    • USA Strategic Will: 135+
    • CSA Strategic Will: 40-
    • Blockade Level: 2
    • Amphibious Assault Modifier: 0
    • USA SPs Remaining:
    • CSA SPs Remaining:
    * Characterize the Type of Victory as one of the following
    • Concession (Hopeless Game Situation)
    • Previous Area rated game of For the People with opponent(Yes/No) NO
    Early USA reinforcements and Ambush to remove Stuart on turn 2 kept CSA on the defensive. USA Majors on last two turns plus Minor proved too much Capturing Richmond and VA plus Texas. Union closed West Gulf early and took all border states.

  86. • ACTS Game Name: 2-09 FTP 2013-14
    • USA Player Name: Lee
    • CSA Player Name: Dockter
    • Winning Player: Dockter
    • Winning Side: CSA
    • Type of Victory*: CSA Doubles the USA

    • Turn Game Ended: Spring 1863
    • USA Strategic Will: 48
    • CSA Strategic Will: 106
    • Blockade Level: 1
    • Amphibious Assault Modifier: 0

    • USA SPs Remaining: 32
    • CSA SPs Remaining: 43

    * Characterize the Type of Victory as one of the following: Strategic Will (CSA doubles the USA)

    • Previous Area rated game of For the People with opponent: No

    CSA went west and successful raided most of it; resulting in bug SW gains for CSA and SP shortages for the USA.

  87. •ACTS Game Name: 2-14 FTP 2013-14
    •USA Player Name: Gary Kirk
    •CSA Player Name: Geoff Allbutt
    •Winning Player: Gary Kirk
    •Winning Side: USA
    •Type of Victory*: SW
    •Turn Game Ended: 13
    •USA Strategic Will: 57-
    •CSA Strategic Will: 0
    •Blockade Level: 3
    •Amphibious Assault Modifier: 3
    •USA SPs Remaining: 75
    •CSA SPs Remaining: 40

  88. ACTS Game Name: 3-05
    USA Player Name: Paul Risner
    CSA Player Name: Herr Dr
    Winning Player: Herr Dr
    Winning Side: CSA
    Type of Victory*: Strategic Will – CSA double
    Turn Game Ended: Turn 7
    USA Strategic Will: 55
    CSA Strategic Will: 121
    Blockade Level: 1
    Amphibious Assault Modifier: 0
    USA SPs Remaining: 39
    CSA SPs Remaining: 34

    Great/fun game. Spirited USA defense. USA won all battle rolls (6/1, 5/2), but failed all key intercepts. Cards a wash – USA had CC’s, but CSA drew dreaded discard MAJOR CC turn 7. CSA had concentrated out West..raiding. USA plugged hole when we both forgot about a Morgan that could intercept an AA on Louisville. CSA Blew thru into NE Turn 7 when Big Boy failed 50/50 intercept (after losing his cav earlier in turn). 3 state raid sealed the deal.

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