2014-15 Tournament

For the People Tournament 2014-15

For the People is a strategic simulation of the American Civil War published by GMT games. It is a card driven game (CDG) featuring a deck of cards and a point-to-point map. More information on the game can be found here.

To Sign up, post a comment below. Note that first time comments will be moderated so your comment may not appear immediately.

Players of all experience levels welcome!

Tournament Qualifications

  • Must be a member of the BPA with Associate Membership or higher level for 2014 to join this tournament. For more information on the Boardgame Player’s Association ( BPA), go to http://www.boardgamers.org.
  • Must have an email account.
  • Must have internet access.

Start Dates and Format:

This tournament will start on May 1, 2014 and is expected to end by March 31, 2016.  It will consist of a 5-game Swiss preliminary round which will advance 8 players to 3 Single Elimination rounds.

  • The Campaign game will be the scenario used for all games in this tournament.  All optional rules in the rulebook ARE IN EFFECT for this tournament.  This includes the 20 extra cards from the 2006 edition, Optional Cavalry Replacement (rule 5.55), Special General Capabilities for McClellan, Van Dorn, Forrest and Sheridan (rule 5.67) and the Operations Queue (rule 19).  Tenth Anniversary variants (Simple Naval, Complex Naval, or Railroad Logistics) may be used only with the agreement of both players.
  • All games must be played using ACTS or any mutually agreed upon method.
  • The GM will be the game owner & moderator for each game on ACTS.
  • If the players cannot agree on the format to be used, ACTS is the default and must be used.
  • Any player demonstrating a lack of sportsmanship may be dropped from the tournament without warning at the sole discretion of the GM.
  • For AREA rating purposes, let the GM know if the two of you have played an AREA-rated game of For the People previous to this game.

Preliminary Round 1 (14 months) May 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015

  • Players will play 5 games during this round, with sides randomly assigned to ensure players play both sides as much as possible.
  • Side assignments will be randomly assigned during this preliminary round with each playing as close to an equal number of games as CSA and as USA as possible.
  • The Swiss round matchups will be made depending on the number of opponents and will be seeded by AREA rating.
  • Top 8 players will be determined by wins.
  • Tie breakers will be applied in order of the following:

1) Average of AREA ratings of opponents played

2) Average of AREA ratings of opponents defeated

3) Random dice roll

  • Match-ups will be realigned if players drop out during the preliminary round so that every continuing player has to play at least six games during the Swiss portion of the tournament.
  • Eliminators may be asked to step in to play games when not enough players are available. Eliminator games count for AREA rating but not for advancement in the tournament.

Single Elimination Quarter-finals (3 months) between 8 players Oct 15 and Jan 16

  • The 8 advancing players will use AREA ratings for seedings and not the preliminary round results. The Top 2 seeds will head their own brackets with Seed 1 playing Seed 8, etc. Exceptions will be made if players met in the preliminary rounds.  Once Single Elimination starts, players in brackets who complete their game earlier can proceed to their next opponent if that opponent has also already completed their game.
  • All seeded competitors will be confirmed for the first round. Any immediate drop outs will be replaced to maintain a pool of 8. An alternate pool of 4 will be formed and they will play concurrently to fill any drop outs from the Single Elimination.

Single Elimination Semi-finals (3 months) between 4 players Jan 16 to Mar 16

Finals ( 3 months) Mar 16 to May 16

Time Limits:

  • Each tournament game will have a specified time limit. Time limits will be strictly enforced. During the preliminary round, the 3 month time limit will apply to all games. Players are responsible for completing all games by the time limit imposed.
  • Any games unresolved when the time limit is reached will be adjudicated by the GM. The GM will award the victory to the player least responsible for the game being incomplete.  The situation on the game board will not be considered in adjudication.  Unfortunate personal events, regardless of their tragic nature, will not be considered in adjudication.
  • If a player is inactive without notifying the GM or opponent for more than 14 calendar days, the game will be awarded to his opponent.

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  1. I’m in 😉

  2. Sign me up as well, please …

  3. Please sign me up.
    Thank you.

  4. Please sign me up – some day I’ll win one!

  5. I’ll sign up as well.. 6 games, quite the preliminary!

    “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

  6. Sign me up as well.

  7. I’ll take another crack at this. I love the extended Swiss portion!

  8. Please let me in !

  9. Tim,
    I’m in.

  10. Tim,
    hello and thanks for organizing this. Please count me in!

  11. I’m in…just got bounced out by Dr., so have time to do it all again!

  12. Tim,
    Sign me up!
    Thanks for doing this again.

  13. I would like to added as we’ll please.

  14. I would like to take part, please.

  15. I’m in.

  16. I´m in

  17. Count me in

  18. I’m joining the throng.

  19. Michael Gentile

    noob here, looking to jump into the deep end. You can call me Chum ;{)

  20. I’m in

  21. Count me in

  22. I’m in.

  23. sign me up.

  24. I’ll enlist as a 90-day volunteer. So count me in!

  25. Sign me up

  26. I’ll probably regret this. Sign me up, please.

  27. Please enter me.

  28. I’m in!

  29. Sign me up.

  30. I’d like to be in.

  31. Sign me up

  32. I’m in. Happy Easter

  33. Hi Tim…

    Sign me up please.

  34. I’ll play

  35. Sign me up please.

  36. I am in

  37. Yes, please. Thrash me again,

  38. If it’s not too late, sign me up please.

  39. COUNT ME IN !!

  40. I’m late, Tim. I unfortunately rarely check Consim anymore. If you get another late arriver, I’d appreciate it if you could include me. Either way, thanks for your continued efforts!

  41. Hi this is David Sherwood count me in.

  42. Another late entry. Hope I make it.

  43. upppps!!,….. I have been off line to much time, am I still on time to get in?

  44. Please add me to the list. I am Rudy Zodda on acts.


  45. Thanks for the heads up!

    My ACTS name is Cal.

  46. LOL, helps to read entirely and follow instruct – my ACTS identity is Ken using this email address..

    Thank you,
    Ken Campbell

  47. YES, I am interested…not a member of BPA, but will get it done.

    Game name is Rich Wright

  48. I’d be happy to join if that gives you an even number. Already a BPA member too. Just let me know, either way (in or out of the tourney) is totally fine with me.

  49. Sign me up as well, please! 🙂

  50. Yes I am interested to enter


    Nick Frydas

  51. I’ll sign up.

  52. How do I go about setting up the 2nd round game? Do I need to request it or just wait to be notified?

  53. Ready to play

  54. When do the third games start?

  55. Yes, it seems it has been a long while since the second games started. I’m ready for another or two myself.

  56. hi I would like to join the tournament also

  57. Looking forward to it

  58. Im ready to sign up!!!

  59. When does the next round start?

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